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Always chosen, NKK

  • The first two-piece can filling manufacturing line in Japan

    The first two-piece can filling manufacturing line in Japan

    "NKK Co., Ltd. has undergone a dramatic development from a metal press business of its predecessor, ""Nishinomiya Metal Industry"" through aerosol canning business, to launching the first two-piece can filling manufacturing line in Japan.
    Currently we are producing OEM products mainly for canned aerosol products that need high pressure resistance, making full use of our ""2-piece can"" specialty."

  • Large share in Japanese market

    Large share in Japanese market

    Our company has a large market share in Japanese market for Refrigerant can for car air conditioners (service can), which is centered on all refrigerant gas manufacturers, their OEMs, and brands of other major automobile manufacturer. This field has become our company's main business until now.

  • Aiming to reduce CO2 by about 1 million tons per year

    Aiming to reduce CO2 by about 1 million tons per year

    "In January 2006, NKK started the development and commercialization of non-fluorocarbon products, and in September that year, we were able to start the full-scale production of non-fluorocarbon dust blowers.
    This non-fluorocarbon dust blower will become our main product in the future and we are carrying out educational activities to promote its use. Ultimately, except for special cases, we aim to replace 6.5 million cans of dust blower (or dust spray) in the domestic market with non-fluorocarbon products, aiming to reduce annual CO2 emissions by 1.4 million tons in Japan."

  • A company with growth expectations

    A company with growth expectations

    "NKK's non-fluorocarbon business is selected as one of the ""companies that are expected to grow"" by the Hyogo Industrial Revitalization Center.
    ""Companies that are expected to grow"" are companies that are recognized to have high motivation in management innovation and business expansion, selected by Hyogo Industrial Revitalization Center. We are constantly doing activities to expand learning places and networks for regional development."

  • Supplying products in a wide range of fields

    Supplying products in a wide range of fields

    "NKK supplies products to customers in a wide range of fields, such as OEM of various aerosol products.
    NKK's mission is to contribute to the improvement of life quality of the people and environmental protection through non-fluorocarbon products.
    Our company has rich knowledge, experience, skills, information, know-how, human resources, etc. in research and development."

Features of NKK

We handle everything from production to shipment

"At NKK, we manufacture and fill the cans in the same area.
Therefore, it is possible to reduce costs and offer flexible proposals according to our customer's request. "

We offer a thorough proposal for cost reduction based on the requested product

"NKK thoroughly produces the product that our customer orders, and proposes the best cost reduction for each product characteristic."

  • Labor-saving Packing Materials

    "We consider whether or not the packaging is excessive, and try to reduce costs and suggest resource and labor saving measures for materials and molds.
    The use of compact packaging will not only reduce cost, it can save warehouse space and is easier to handle."

  • Proposal of Transportation Method

    "The diversification and individualization of customer's needs have led to the progression of multi-product types at smaller quantities, making further rationalization, speed improvement, and integration with distribution to be increasingly required in logistics and transportation.
    At NKK, we consider total logistics operations and present accurate transport methods to reduce cost and increase efficiency. "

Aiming to be a company that is useful for the society, promoting our "social value".

NKK's Social Values

"NKK does not only produce practical and convenient products, but also performs a thorough judgment on whether the product is useful for the society. If there are any shortages we put our best efforts in the from the development stage to marketing, for the commercialization of a better product.
For example, there is a practical product whose demand is expanding.
However, if the global environment is damaged due to large-scale use of that product, NKK will make every effort to reduce the environmental impact of the product.
We believe that the product and system that come from such untiring efforts are our ""social value"".
Because NKK's production facilities are designed with priority to safety, it is possible for us to continue providing safe products with high quality for everyone."