NKK is fluorocarbon-free so it is environmentally friendly.

"Non-CFC dust blower" developed by NKK is an environmentally-friendly product that does not contain any HFC (CFC substitute) that can cause ozone layer depletion.

  • Refrigerant can

    Refrigerant can

    Refrigerant can for cleaning car air conditioners

  • Non-fluorocarbon dust blower

    Non-fluorocarbon dust blower

    For cleaning your PC and OA equipment such as computers, printers, digital camera, etc.

  • OEM products

    OEM products

    Aerosol products, dust blowers, gas torches for gardening and construction, etc.

  • Our Brand Products

    Our Brand Products

    Glass cleaner, dust blower, etc.

  • Features of NKK

    Features of NKK

    We perform a thorough consideration on the requested products and propose cost reductions that make use of the product characteristics

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